To create unique houses we use two technologies – Canadian log and Post & Beam..

Selection and control of quality of raw materials is carried out at the stage of storing logs. We use just sawn timber of 60% moisture content, from 28 to 50 cm diameter at its top. We pay special attention to spiral grain. There exist right-hand, left-hand and straight spiral grain. Logs with a left-hand spiral grain are used only as first logs – sill logs, since they have more weight.

Canadian log house.

All work is done manually. This technology provides a thorough inspection of each log. When bark is removed manually, Each log is given a number, that simplifies cutting and saves time.

After bark is removed logs are handled by curved-based plane leaving a strong outer layer (cambium). Eventually, logs are processed by antiseptic. We apply German Remmers water-based antiseptic. This antiseptic completely vanishes within 6 months. After this log can be processed by any impregnation, both water-based and solvent-based, wax-based and Llano oil.

Cambium allows logs to withstand external factors, it significantly prolongs life of a wooden structure and saves its quality characteristics. The outer layer is involved in the proper air filter, it creates a unique microclimate inside log house: coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

The technology involves the use of a method of overscriber . During installation and after cutting there is a gap along the entire length of the groove and in a very tight connection at notches, but in the process of timber shrinkage and house shrinkage logs clearance slot disappears.

Another feature of this technology – the use of high-precision layout tools (scriber). At the moment, we have three scribers that gives us a possibility to build up to four objects at a time.

We use Chamber’s scriber – instrument which makes it possible to transfer the relief of the bottom log on on the upper log for cutting out longitudinal groove and the trapezoidal notch with high precision. It allows to have walls without any gaps.

The service life of a house built by Canadian technology is up to several hundred years.

Post & Beam

The technology of construction of Post & Beam houses appeared over 20 years ago in Canada. The basis of this technology is the creation of load-bearing frame of large logs build up vertically at the intersection of walls. The house is built in a relatively short period of time thanks to this technology and it does not shrink. High thermal insulation properties of wood make it possible to keep warmth in winter time and and create a pleasant coolness in summer. Interior and exterior walls can be accomplished with any material.
All works are carried out according to the standards of the International Association of Carpenters (ILBA). These are the most effective and innovative techniques, methods and processes in the sphere of Woodworking practices, which are worked out to create objects of timber