Have you decided to build a log house?

We are a team of professionals that are able to bring  your crazy ideas to life.

Fortress Company is friendly and close-knit team that go hand in hand  in one direction, effectively solve the problems and achieve goals. All members of our team are professionals who know and love their occupation and accurately perform it. In our work we are guided by the best international techniques, methods and practices that help us to achieve high results.

Fortress  Team are a new generation of carpenters.

The owners of Fortress company were trained by Robert Chambers – The President of the International Association of Carpenters (ILBA, Canada), the professional expert and author of various books on design and construction of log structures. We use a unique processing technology-blocks that allow you to build a high-quality and durable wooden construction.

We build unique wooden houses according to high standards of Canada and the United States.

Each project for us is not just another order, it’s rather a new life stage, as we treat every building process for customers as a part of our lives.

About our company

Every company has its roots. Fortess’s history began in 2004 when two ambitious and hard-working people, Andrew Malyavsky and Yuri Nikitenko, decided radically to change their lives and start a company of eco-friendly log cabin constructions. Within 10 years of activity we have realized for about 50 unique objects of various complexity: houses from 35 to 650 m², saunas, garden houses and residential buildings.

The current success of our company is a result of long and hard work which has become our life. During these years we have learned a lot, have learnt new technologies and have gained many skills. We have adopted the experience of Canadian carpenters and at the same time have developed our own standards of quality which are being improved with our every new project.

Andrew Malyavsky:

“Working with wood brings me a great pleasure. I have been interested in scope of construction since my childhood. So it was not for me a surprise to become a carpenter after two diplomas received in other fields. This decision was not impulsive and, apparently, has become one of the most important steps in my life. I am sure that it is never too late to become what you really want to be.

At the very beginning of our activity we faced many difficulties, but thanks to our assertiveness we have overcome all the obstacles”

Yuri Nikitenkov:

“All worthy things around us are created by human hands and carpenters’ works is a vivid proof of my words. For over 10 years I have been working with wood with pleasure and want to continue building beautiful houses and breaking stereotypes and any patterns of log construction. I strongly believe that only human hands can create objects with the highest standard of quality”.


Vadim accounts for more than 30 completed projects. He has been working for the company since the beginning and has got an excellent knowledge of the whole process of construction. Working with customers Vadim presents personalized approach and appears to be very attentive to their preferences. As a personality he is extremely enthusiastic and creative.


Valentin is really an outstanding carpenter, his skill and craftsmanship is present at every stage of the construction process. He specializes at Post & Beam technology of construction. Quality and reliability at work – his motor.